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I think we can get through the juvy races quick, like 5 mins each. The big races are both stacked. Have either of you won an SC race yet this week?

F+M Juvy
Norman’s horse ran a crazy race monday. Doubt this race will go faster.
9 entries, 6 steward breds. Dumb.
Precious has the highest speed figure with a 90
Go Ash Go! Also lease me that late
How impressed are we? The field is very evenly matched. Not the strongest year.

This race is fucking bananas
All steward breds. That’s kind of poop.
None of these horses has ever finished worse than second.
⅚ have a top speed figure of 89. The 6th, Creed, has a top of 88.
Every horse in here is a future stud, 100%

F+M Turf Mile
Ash is not going to talk about Theme Park
Still a ton of Steward Breds. I’m not helping her breed anymore lol
Rose has a horse but she’s only running because it’s her last race
There is a bunch of speed. Best There Was, Front Page Star, Hello Sweetie, How the Story End, Willing to Burn and With the Twilight like the lead. Fun.

Turf Mile
Rose is going to cry a lot
Dandy Lion scares me
Distant Dream v Memo match up, only someone can beat these two for sure. It’s a nice field. Although Jurassic World is ???
I like your horse Nena. Run him in the Pegasus?
Famousaer looks good. How do you pronounce that?
Rose think Make My Own Path should have run here. Same for a horse named Let it Die. Ash is allowed to skip because her horse is 3 😉

Birthday Candles stakes looks really nice.

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