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Where have you gone, Mr Awesome? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
—- Paul Simon, probably

Scott decides to podcast instead of following the US Election returns, and taps his good friend Laura Smith of Canada to assist. Our heroes discuss Gryffindor’s history-making win in Saratoga, the psychology of being Captain My Captain’s owner, more turf route races than Laura’s comfortable with, and much more.


Scott apologizes for not including Laura in the Nathan intro, offers to earn his MR AWESOME nickname given to him by his fans, not himself, no matter what Ashley and Nena say
Ashley and Nena are both on assignment/in the penalty box

Stakes Wrap: Week 12
Gryffindor wins the Midsummer Classic, becoming the first Derby winner since Ball of Fire to also win in Saratoga.

James Dean wins the Oceanside Classic.  I hate my barn.
Dream wins the Midsummer Oaks one of the few 10 furlong major filly races.
Space beats Forgot in the 500k Worldwide Stakes in jolly ol england
Titanic is good.
Westley loses when i say he’ll win
OK, guess we have to pronounce “Delahoussaye”
Mickey Mouse doesn’t hit the board. James Selby has a horse that makes the show!
D’s Friday Night upsets Keeper of Secrets in the james bond.
(i have two marathoners of my own who are cracking the mid-80s.  I don’t know if it’s better to have hope or to have no hope.  Either way, i feel the creeping ineptitude of the season)

Ok, there’s more but i’m bored.  G1’s on friday: DOCTOR WHO! CALUMET! It’s the Long Island Handicap: THE WAR BY THE SHORE!
Hi, memento mori
Three millionaires fight in ireland.  Is alcohol involved?
The St. Leger isn’t exactly star-studded
Robert Forston’s Yadi preps for the SC

Laura pick a few races you’re interested in this week.  If they exist.

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