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Scott, Ashley, and Nena discuss Coleman Hell’s big win in Arlington, Heart of the Storm’s dubious ‘record’, and break down more than 20 grade 1 races for Friday. Scott deals with self-inflicted technical issues, as he was following Game 7 of the World Series through his cheap internet stream. The ladies make fun of him, because they are cruel.


Yes, it’s time for Hold All Tickets, the weekly enema we give the SIM
I’m Scott Eiland, your internet pal. hall of famer.  Today we answer the question, “is the game passing me by and am i facing a slow, steady decline, like someone who just acquired dementia, or bought stock in zima and Crystal Pepsi (I actually LIKE Crystal Pepsi, and I LOATHE Pepsi)

Introducing the cohosts, nena and ashley.

Well, remember that day i was super happy and optimistic about my year? THAT IS NOT TODAY.  I’m afraid to acquire a big time horse now, because i’m fairly certain i’m going to foul it up.  

Reminds me of the Winnebago Man videos.

Let’s be positive

We should probably talk about HOTS breaking the all time earnings record, huh? NOPE. That’s like rewarding Barry Bonds for his achievements. Is it even a record if you have to keep sponsoring million dollar races to reach it?

Friendly reminder that there are only, what, 5 weeks and 2 days to breed foals!

Week 11:

While Scott is having a pity party for 1, let’s talk about the 28 G1 races this week, Friday!
I’m not having a pity party i am having a lull and my ass is tired of being kicked. Sydney Trophy Caulfield Derby Northern Australian Oaks London Futurity London Debutante James Bond Memorial Stakes Pasquale Memorial Stakes Rosita Cup King K (not typing it out) Jewel Kenyan Oaks Queen’s Cup The Inglemark Stakes (sponsored $500k) Worldwide Stakes Inspired Fox Stakes Tasman Classic Oceanside Futurity Oceanside Debutante (4 horses) Oceanside Classic Oceanside Oaks Oceanside Derby Oceanside Dash Black Ironwood Classic Hitch A Ride Sprint (4 horses) Dancer Stakes Manistique Stakes MIDSUMMER OAKS MIDSUMMER DERBY

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  • Some dude... on November 3rd, 2016 says:

    EGOISTE!!!!!!!!! EGOISTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hosting on September 1st, 2017 says:

    The triggers simply detects the tag and puts the ticket back on hold and therefore after the next x hours it all happens again. This was partially down to a problem in Zendesk where  causing a trigger to fire as part of a automation was not resetting the timers.

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