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Scott and Ashley celebrate the best of Week 10 Router day, discuss the TBS auction, theme park, and this Friday’s most interesting Grade 1s.

Week 11

It’s Scott’s wedding anniversary.  He has spent the entire day singing dirges while wearing black.
The mr awesome movement was accused by a prominent asshole that it was “really stupid” and “drawing xpac heat”
(scott defines xpac heat, discussing former wwe wrestler/scott friend Sean Waltman.)

Therefore, to be fair to the public, I will answer to any of the following:

Scotty (if you’re my mom, a friend, or a chick)
Mr. Scott Eiland
Mr. Scott Eiland, First ballot Hall of Famer
Louisville Derby Winner Scott Eiland
Mister Awesome
Mister Something
Mr. Awesome-Thing

Ashley is a clutz. She is taking only light pain meds to podcast.

Week ten routers!  Scott celebrates the discovery of Agnew (President Reagan’s brother) who was a claimer gallop who clearly improved.

Open question: Who is your personal favorite router, and do you think he’ll be in the derby/bunbury/big stakes races?  How about fillies?  ASK MR SOMETHING.

Scott has a monologue on how AMAZING Theme Park is… he talks about the amazing turf miler filly! (Note: She’s the highest ranked 3yo of EITHER gender on either surface by points beating dirty triple crowny types, only TBS to make more monies than her won TC races)

What I like about the Trial by Summer – you can redefine your year in one purchase

What I hate about the Trial by Summer – massive inflation caused by proxy bidding, combining with the exchange to make it a farce.

Heres the bottom line: with prices as crazy as they are, people will find themselves throwing good money after bad at some point…that’s my fear.  My HOPE is people get a fucking clue and bring prices back in line.   I didn’t pull the trigger on the Selfies foal i was bidding on, because i just couldn’t justify going higher.  I wonder how many people are going to continue firing money at the TBS when the average purchase price is an impossible 3+ million.  NO WAY they all make that much, not even close.
(Ashy picks good news or bad news first) Only good news allowed

OK, the races we like this week: laura threw a monster filly in here to give me and Love is Your Name an ulcer irish oaks – fucking terrible weather throws this one into the “who the fuck knows” category Jump into the Fog – Eric has a router can King George win the King George?   – two turf mile races for ashley to squee
The Spa (Saratoga Springs) has a ton of G1s in the driving rain.  Thanks, Mother Nature. Rubberpony

Post Discussion
  • A dude... on October 27th, 2016 says:

    Ok you want comments…..

    My fave 2yo is Selle Francais. I like the name because Selle Francaises (is that the correct plural version of Francais? If not, what is?) aren’t thoroughbreds so it’s just all wrong. She’s also an improver (claimer to stakes), probably the only one I’ve ever had or ever will have.

    And now that I’ve said all that she will undoubtedly never win again.

    Stew auctions? A million dollarish gamble on a low end stew bred is one thing. A 3 million dollarish gamble on a low end stew bred? You’re fucking crazy, no offense.

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