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Scott and Ashley discuss the Mr. Awesome movement, Ask Mr. Awesome, Ask the Broads, Ashwinder, Heart of the Storm, Week 10 Grade 1s, and more! Have a listen, have-a-listeners!

Show notes
Show Notes – 10/18/2016 9pm eastern (8 pm nena time) (9pm ashy time) (five minutes before my dad calls)

Ashwinder takes the Long Island Classic, besting Captain My Captain and Gryffindor.  Mohawk finishes sixth.  Of course.

Eastern Westside wins the Louisville Classic.  The last place finisher ran an 88.  Fire him.

Queens Derby results:

(ladies fill in other stuff here.) (did any of us score in the belmont?)

Grade 1s:

Are you FUCKING kidding me dan

Stewbreds vs. Harden Your Heart
Wait, there’s a G1 in CYPRUS?
NJ turf route madness
People are scared shitless of Theme Park
Iron Spirit attempts to cockblock Skippy
Pete vs. Danny.  I pick Pete.
That random dirt mile race in washington
And the fillies
Seriously, folks, get involved with turf routing

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