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Nena and Scott alone today, This is a no-ashy zone

Allonsy wins the Baltimore Crown.  Congrats Susie.
All of Time a well-beaten 2nd, hurt by post draw.
No Triple Crown this year, as Gryffindor couldn’t overcome allonsy or the rail

Why this triple crown season is lackluster to Scott

Big news… Heart of the Storm is in a $1 million dollar sponsored G1 race in the middle of the Desert to get him closer to the all time leading earner spot. Against… nobody big. Nobody wanted to take him on for $1 mil.


Tammy Fox created a G1 race in Japan for Suzuka Silence but the talented Rostov, runner up in the Duty Free has shown up. Probably not what she was hoping for!

20 non sponsored G1’s this Friday! Big races all over the world. Some with only 4 horses in them, sadly. However, some big names have shown up which shows that even though W6 was two weeks ago, people are still bringing their big guns out to run. Horses like You Are Not Alone, King George, Silent Spoken Word, Dandy Lion, Halliday, Titanic, Theme Park, Distant Dream, Hallmark, Gales, Harden Your Heart, Westley

Instant Millions –
Instant Millions Cup –
Melbourne Derby –
*Beholder Stakes –
International Oaks –
Golden Bridge Mile –
California Oaks –
Inglewood Gold Cup –
*Inglewood Mile –
Irish Two Thousand Guineas –
*Irish One Thousand Guineas –
London Cup –
Grand Tower Stakes –
Long Island Mile –
*Era Stakes –
*New Zealand Sweepstakes Fillies-
*New Zealand Sweepstakes Males –
South African Fillies Trophy –
Ginza Mile Trophy –
Virgina Derby – <~ why is this such a sad race?

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  • Fanta on October 5th, 2016 says:

    Great work guys! Thanks for the Harden Your Heart love too!

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